Galleria Dallas Hosts Fashion Stars for a Cause 10th Anniversary Celebration

Photo by Danny Campbell Photography

2016 Fashion Stars || Photo by Danny Campbell

On February 24, Galleria Dallas will host Dallas’ fashion luminaries in a spectacular fashion show on the center’s noted ice rink benefiting the Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas. The festive event recognizes the 10th Anniversary of Fashion Stars for a Cause, the gala event created by Dallas philanthropist Yvonne Crum to “Inspire Hope and Style.”

More than 500 guests are anticipated to enjoy light bites and cocktails on the Galleria’s Rink Level, the ‘coolest’ destination for a fashion show in North Texas.  All of this year’s Fashion Stars are anticipated to model alongside a cadre of professional models in a fashion show featuring spring styles from many Galleria Dallas retailers.

The ambassadors serving as this year’s Fashion Stars include Sherice Lynette Brown, Francis Harrison Brito, Laura Fedock, Laurie Graham, Gina Marx, Kristy J. Morgan, Shelley Herrera-O’Neal, Shayema Rahim, Whitney Roberts-Kutch, Bridget Sommerlatte, Carmen Sargent and Amanda Ward.  Tickets for the soiree are $50, and can be purchased at

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WHAT: Fashion Stars for a Cause Celebration benefiting the Suicide & Crisis Center of North Texas

WHERE: Galleria Dallas, Rink Level

WHEN: February 24, 2016 from
6:30 – 9:00 p.m.

PRICE: Tickets are $50 each and include fashion show, light bites and cocktails. Purchase tickets here.

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