Favor & The Foundry: Personal Delivery Service and Shared Office Spaces – ILID Radio #14

In this fourteenth episode of I Live In Dallas Radio, Neil Lemons and I sit down with Jim Winblood, one of the co-founders of The Foundry Club, a shared office, and coworking space, located at Mockingbird Station.

We also talk with JJ, Dan, and Chelsea from Favor, the personal delivery assistant service/app that's making waves as part of the service app "revolution" that's currently underway. They will deliver food, groceries, you name it. Just dont ask them to deliver people. That's apparently a no-no. Anything else legal and ethical, is fair game.

The Foundry Clubfoundry club dallas coworking

The Foundry Club is a Dallas coworking and shared office space, that strives to differentiate itself via community, unique office space and startup incubator help. They sponsor several meetups, and resources that help startups along their journey. As recently featured in the Dallas Business Journal, the Foundry signed a lease for an additional 6,000 square feet of office space at Mockingbird Station. They plan to expand to a few new locations around the DFW Metroplex area.

Favor: Your Personal Delivery Assistant
Favor is currently in Boston, Austin, Houston, and of course Dallas, and is self-described as a personalized delivery assistant. They won't deliver booze or people and mainly deal with food orders. They've been in Dallas for nearly 5 months now, and are soon expanding to San Antonio. They try to deliver in 30 minutes if possible.

I talk about my personal experiences using Favor to have lunch delivered, and my feedback on the service, including my love for extra rolls with my fried chicken.

Listen as we talk about:

  • Some of the most strange and surprising things Favor has been asked to deliver.
  • How The Foundry Club came to be, and what makes it's office space and coworking community & space unique.
  • Who are some hot new startups, that are based at The Foundry, including RedFin.

Keep listening to learn about:

  • Giving the Favor folks a hard time about their operation hours, because I wanted pancakes.
  • We harrassed noted bbq biz owner Justin Fourton about the Pecan Lodge line. "Ain't nobody got no time to wait for no brisket"
  • JJ, Dan, and Chelsea from Favor discuss future plans, and how to get your lunch delivered at school.

Thanks to the guys from Synclab Media for letting us record in your studio at Foundry Club!

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