Get Your Tickets for Tonight – ETO Presents Fair to Midland at the Granada Theater

Ty Griffin of is hosting tonight's concert at the Granada Theater to further local and excellent music by providing a stellar concert experience for 100s of attendees. Concert-goers will be driving as far as Denton, San Antonio, and even Lubbock to see this melody of bands gracing the stage for the first time ever in this particular lineup. With a ticket purchase you'll receive a free ETO: Volume Two CD and a T-shirt while supplies last. Get your discounted tickets right now using this special link:

What: Musical performances by Fair to Midland, Dead Letter Circus, White Elephant, The Nicholsons, New Magnetic North
Where: Granada Theater, 3524 Greenville Avenue
When: TONIGHT, Dec. 23rd, 2011. Doors open at 7pm.
Tickets: $14 Get them here:

Griffin has previously released two musical compilations, Escaping the Ordinary Volumes One and Two, composed of bands he considers yet-to-be discovered by large audiences. Volume One features bands such as Fair to Midland and Here Holy Spain. As an active fan of the progressive hard rock, he has included a diversity of talent and styles on his compilations with hopes of catching the interest of the greater mass-download audience. The more recent Volume Two features and unprecedented 23 bands such as Dead Letter Circus and Dredg.

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For more information, visit:

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  1. Some of this may sound too good to be true. I've been to Steel on Wednesdays and it's hard to believe, but it's legit. Free sushi.

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  3. [...] that tons of bands wanted to be on it. He ended up also putting together a sold-out show at the Granada on 11/23/11. I believed in Ty, even when others didn't (so he says) because I saw his passion, intelligence, [...]

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