Decks In The Park Is Back!

Decks in the Park has become a staple event for Klyde Warren Park, bringing over 5,000 attendees once a month to celebrate, as it's coined, beats park and life! What does it all mean? Very simply, it's a party for the people by the people. To say this was a passion project gone viral would be an understatement. This idea, spurned by founder Jeff Mitchell, has truly taken on a life of it's own. Folks have come to anticipate this free event every last Thursday of the month. It's a chance to live freely. It's a safe place for families, friends, and yes even pups. This event means something to a lot of people. It provides a platform for Dallasites from all walks of life to come together, if only for one night. Fortunately, up until now, Decks in the Park was able to self-fund due to generous sponsors.


This year is a bit different. Increased costs are leading to the possibility of extinction for us. I say us, because I am a proud member of the board. A group of people who donate our time to put this together for our city. While still coming up a bit short, the show will go on this month on April 30th -- but if we want to keep this phenomenon alive it's going to take more than a few dedicated citizens and companies, it's going to take a village. If you'd like to see Decks continue you can donate directly at

Enough about that, let's get back to celebrating! Here is an inside look at a few of your Decks in the Park board members who are working to keep this dream alive.


Founder and DJ Daddy J, Jeff Mitchell


Ryan Kimura, Marketing Sponsorships & Operations


Jose G, Promotions


Rene D. Rodriguez (far right), Production & Operations


Orly Angelo (right), Graphics


Hey look it's me, and Marty Martinez of Social Revolt Marketing, Digital Marketing & PR


Wade Hampton, Talent


Julio Rivera, aka DJ Souljah MC & Event Host

Decks in the Park would like to highlight the companies and community partners who are supporting us this year:


So now that you've met some of the team. It's time to get excited, because you will be seeing all of us April 30th at 7pm. And after the party it's the after party, so join us at Gatsby to keep the party going!




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  2. Decks is a great singer and he has performed very well. I like your so many shows and now he is on the park again which is really awesome and good for the people who like them. Thanks a lot for it.

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  4. Nice photos that deliver the atmosphere of the event!

  5. Decks is a great singer and he has performed very well. To say this was a passion project gone viral would be an understatement. This idea, spurned by founder Jeff Mitchell, has truly taken on a life of it's own.

  6. It was great celebration held again in the decks park. 5000 audience attend this event.

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