Dating App News: Happn is the Better Alternative to Swiping Yourself Into Oblivion

I admit it. I've used dating apps. I've not only used dating apps, I've participated in online dating since 2001. I know, that was way before it was cool, or socially-acceptable.

Over the last fourteen years, I have met people in chat rooms, on dating sites, blogging networks,  profile-based social media networks, and starting two years ago, location-based dating apps. This all started while I was in college. I'll do the math for you, so you don't have to - I just turned 35.

Right now, I am happily in a serious relationship with a Scottish lassie I started dating nearly eight months ago. I didn't meet her online or through an app. However, before finding her I had what some may refer to as a "tinder thumb" from swiping right and left on my Android. This is why today I'm happy to share with you an alternative to swiping yourself into oblivion.

My current is not a result of a swipe, status comment, direct message, or compatibility algorithm,  but an in-person conversation strike-up with someone in-which I lived in the same apartment complex who was hanging out at the same local restaurant as myself. Given this common offline scenario, this app is quite relevant.

It's called happn (download link), and it's making digital waves with dating app users worldwide. _DSF6196
Forget mutual friends, interests, and the like - this app is all about proximity. Why would you want to connect and date some eligible hottie all the way in the burbs? Unless, of course, you live there.

Instead, find your soulmate a little more organically, accidentally (on purpose), by running into potential suitors/mates (which happen to be happn users) in your day to day grind. Once paths are crossed, the app then presents them to you in almost real time.

Here's How Happn Works

After you've downloaded happn to your smartphone, the app easily allows you to connect with Facebook to pull in some profile data, while keeping it confidential that the two social apps/sites are connected.

When you open the app on your phone, you're shown an array of eligible gender-preferred users with whom you've physically crossed paths with throughout your day. You can then "heart" him/her first a first impression, or "charm" them to take it a step further. When two folks have a mutual interest the app reveals the connection.

Happn, a two-year-old French startup founded by former Daily Motion COO Didier Rappaport, is already operational in many large European cities and many U.S. cities: New York, L.A., Dallas, and others. In total, the app boasts more than 10 million users worldwide. That's a pretty big gene pool!

How Happn Relates to Dallas 

One of the many questions asked on a first date is "where do you hang out?"  This loaded question can spike or deflate interest quickly. Whether you're a Park Cities socialite or East Dallas bohemian, both can be just as snobby about their 'hood and hangouts. Thus, if you want to meet a certain type of folk, use happn there. "You hang out in Deep Ellum? Shut the front door, I do too! We should hang out."

Watch this blog to learn what happens on my two week journey with the happn app, at which time I will give you a full review on the ins and outs in article #2.

Download happn for free on iOS, Android, or Windows Phone.

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  1. [...] Dating App News: Happn is the Better Alternative to Swiping Yourself Into Oblivion [...]

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