Learn How to Win One of 40 Dallas Digital Summit 2014 Tickets Left

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Only one day remains until Dallas Digital Summit 2014 that happens Tuesday, Dec. 9th and Wednesday Dec. 10th. This conference is where 40+ industry leaders and speakers are slated to share their insights on the latest digital trends. Dallas Digital Summit is a digital strategies and emerging technologies seminar that will take place at the Irving Convention Center. The conference plans to attract more than 1,000 innovators, senior marketers, entrepreneurs and technology professionals.

With less than 40 tickets left, the conference will likely reach its goal. You can purchase tickets for yourself or your company here, before they sell out.

You can save up to $150 by using the discount use code: ILiveInDallas.

How to Win Tickets to Dallas Digital Summit
ILiveInDallas.com is giving away two tickets to Dallas Digital Summit 2014. Share this article on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn and comment below for a chance to win a ticket  to this nearly sold-out conference ($345 value). There are less than 40 tickets left. To enter you must leave a comment below letting us know you shared the article on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter (Hashtag: #DDSum14). You will get points and are more likely to win for creativity of your comment, having a large audience, and sharing on more than one network.

Dallas as a Digital Hub
In the wake of social media being used as a tool for marketing, Dallas has evolved into a larger and cutting-edge  hub for digital conferences over the last few years. With associations like the DFWSEM Association (founded in 2004) and the Dallas Social Media Club (reinstated in 2009), Dallas has been a long-time pioneer on a regional and national level for producing digital leaders and speakers. Adding social media marketing education to the mix of Internet Marketing conferences has won over the more mainstream marketing and media professionals, and attracted larger, less "techie" audiences in more traditional arenas of PR, brand/product management, and C-suite.

Get your tickets now, and save up to $150 by using the discount use code: ILiveInDallas.

At this conference you'll hear  industry innovators and thought leaders from brands such as Facebook, Microsoft, The White House's social media leaders, American Airlines, Western Union, Oracle, and PBS will share their insights at this year’s Dallas Digital Summit. Other speakers include: Matt Wallaert, Behavioral Scientist for Microsoft/Bing, Matthew O’Neill, Andy Beal, CEO of Trackur.

Local experts include: Senior Director of Brand & Media for the Dallas Cowboys, Flip Croft Caderao, Principal of The Infinite Agency, Eve Mayer CEO of Social Media Delivered, Bob Robinson, Executive Creative Director at Rockfish.

To reserve a space or get the most up-to-date information on the Internet conference visit http://www.dallasdigitalsummit.com

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  10. I'm passionate about building/bringing unfailing resolutions to the digital & physical world we dwell in. Lets grow together.#DDSum14
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