Dallas Coworking Spot CoHabitat to Host 4th Annual Crawfish Boil

This Friday marks Cohabitat's 4th annual Crawfish Boil. Cohabitat is a Dallas cowering space for tech startups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs in Uptown Dallas. The Crawfish Boil tradition began in 2009 and has gotten increasingly more popular for their delicious mud bugs, good music and great community networking.

This year is no exception. Sponsors for this year include Klemchuk Kumbasta LLP, ILiveinDallas.com, Pocketstop, PureDiscovery, Traxo, HI Group, Silicon Valley Bank, Senico Labs, Startup Texas, Dynamo Labs, and Runway Gourmet.

Live music by ToneJones from 6-9pm. You can preview their music at their website: http://www.tonejones.com/

Cohabitat welcomes all to this event that will be widely attended by Dallas startups, designers, developers, VCs, angel investors, social media gurus, bloggers and other media professionals, all with the common goal of casual mingling and enjoying the atmosphere.

Those interested in volunteering to set up the event should contact Blake Burris: blake@cohabitat.us or Madelynn Martiniere: madelynn@cohabitat.us and will receive kudos, first dibs on food and drink, and a free t-shirt.

For more details and to RSVP, head over to the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/450680408279029/

More information about Cohabitat is available at their website: http://www.cohabitat.us/dallas

What: 4th Annual Cohabitat Crawfish Boil
When: Friday, June 1st, 2012 @5pm
Where: Cohabitat, 2517 Thomas Ave, Dallas TX 75201

About CoHabitat
CoHabitat is a coworking space for developers, creatives and entrepreneurs with three locations in two states. Whether you’re currently working from home, an office of your own, or leeching desk space at your favorite café (we’ve all been there!), you’re sure to find CoHabitat an exciting place to be and work. We’ve got great coffee, Wi-Fi, a variety of workspace and best of all, a vibrant community of creative thinkers, coders, designers, and entrepreneurs.

Photo By: Kyle Steed

5 Responses to “Dallas Coworking Spot CoHabitat to Host 4th Annual Crawfish Boil”

  1. I'm wearing my 2009 Cohabitat Crawfish Boil shirt. This will be my 4th year I've attended.

  2. Sounds so delicious!!

  3. My partner and i vary with plenty of people below; I came across this web site submit I couldn’t stop until finally I finished, though it wasn’t what exactly I used to be looking for, used to be a good examine even though. Let me immediately get a website supply in which to stay touch of any revisions.

  4. Good to see other coworking offices in Dallas spreading the love!

  5. Cohabitat Crawfish Boil and its delicious mud bugs, good music and great community networking are great and people love to spend the time there. I heard a lot about it and really want to try.

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