Dallas Business Celebrates Rick and Morty in a Unique Way

Rick and Morty has taken the world by storm, even during it's long wait between seasons 2 and 3 the fans of the smash hit adult cartoon are eagerly discussing the complex sci-fi storylines that follow the characters through interplanetary and inter-dimensional travel as they avoid death and wreak havoc, some times on accident and not always in that order. The fans have been keeping busy while they await the new season making GIFs (graphic not jraphic), Creating Drinking Games, and Speculating on secrets hidden within the frames of the current episodes and between the lines of the dialog.

mortys bedroom floor view

A screenshot from the Floors of Rick and Morty showing the floor view of Morty's bedroom in the opening sequence of the show Rick and Morty

Local flooring supply retailer iDeal Floors came up with a unique way to honor the cartoon and entertain the fans while they wait for Season 3, well at least those fans interested in home remodeling and decoration. They took every scene that showed flooring from Season 1 and then worked out what the floor in the scene might be made out of.

To accomplish this they used over 80 different scenes from Season 1 of the show and relied on their expertise as well as knowing what type of building the floor was located in to determine the flooring type. Then they cut the scene in half making it so that the fans eyes were drawn away from the eye level of the characters, where focus is most often guided to in a tv show, and brought it down to the flooring included in the scene.

They were successful, driving the gallery to the front page of the popular social media website Imgur.com where it went viral. The content has been viewed over 50,000 times as of writing, generated hundreds of comments, and has been shared by users around the world.

rick morty summer dance

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  1. ha ha this is great!

  2. Jerry is a loser!!

  3. I read somewhere that we could have actually been watching more than one Rick during the first two seasons or that he was going to more than one universe to partner with a Morty. The entry way floor / door being inconsistent could support that theory.

  4. LMAO! Where is Season 3!!

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