Dallas Art Fair Astonishes Again This Year


This past weekend people from all over flocked to the Dallas Arts District for the highly anticipated Dallas Art Fair. Now in its seventh year and with collections from over 90 galleries, both near and far, there was much to see. Each gallery provided a wide variety of art – paintings, sculptures and other works, something for all different tastes.

During my time at the fair, there were quite a few pieces that caught my eye. Two of my favorites however, come from an artist who's no stranger to the Dallas art fair scene, Sedrick Huckaby, presented by Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden in Dallas.

In the age of selfies, this visually striking piece from Francesco Ardini presented by Federica Schiavo Gallery out of Rome was another favorite.


Here are a few more snapshots from other artists:

While I wish I could post all the many wonderful works displayed, I can't. So if you missed the festivities this time around, it's a good thing that this is one event which seems to keep getting better with time. Until next year!

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  1. [...] Dallas Art Fair Astonishes Again This Year [...]

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