7 Fiendishly Fun Dallas Activities for You this Halloween


Scare Yourself Silly with these Frightful, Delightful Dallas Halloween Events 

Thinking of spending time in Dallas this Halloween season and looking for some fun things to do, scare-wise? Here are seven Halloween-themed events that should do the trick. Or at least provide the treat.

1. Halloween Bash at the Lizard Lounge
Enjoy the scary fun at this Halloween dance party, with Daft Punk tribute One More Time headlining the frightening festivities, and featuring DJ Titan and Johnny Funk. There are several rooms and a large deck, making lots of places for dancing as well as sneaking off into dark corners.

The scares begin at 10pm on October 26th. Price is $15-$20.

The Lizard Lounge is located at 2424 Swiss Ave in Dallas. Hey, true fact: Madonna actually tried to buy this place at one time.

2. Amber Does Dallas – The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Calling all Rocky Fans! Come join the fun at the Lakewood Theater. The nuttiness kicks off on October 25th starting at 11:00pm and crashing to earth at 2:00am. Price is $11.

It’s not scary if it doesn’t include the late, great Rocky Horror Picture Show. Dress up like cast members and get down with the funk, which includes an 11:45pm costume contest.

The Lakewood Theater is a piece of 20th century history dating to 1938, and is on Abrams Road in Lakewood. You can’t miss the place – its colorful neon sign towers 100 feet high and will be calling all Rocky fans on the night of the 25th.

3. The Ginger Man’s Best Dressed Costume Contest
Here’s your chance to show off your costume creativity. Anything goes costume-wise at the fun Ginger Man pub. The fun begins at 8:00 on October 26th, and admission is free.

How wild and wacky can you get? Find out if your creative streak has what it takes to win this ghoulish contest. And if not, there are still lots of great beers, tap and bottle, even if you decide to skip the costume contest.

The Ginger Man is located in an old house on 2718 Boll Street in Dallas, and provides outdoor seating in the back yard beer garden. There’s also an upstairs lounge and bar, along with a second-story balcony.

4. The Old Monk Pumpkin Carving Contest
Just think of it. An unruly mob of deranged, knife-wielding pumpkin carvers slice and dice their way to gory glory. What fiendish fun!  Alliterations abound at this carvers’ conclave and contest, which starts at 9pm October 26th.

Yes, this will truly be a pumpkin carving contest for the ages, and it’s all happening at The Old Monk Tavern. Remember, this will not be your grandfather’s pumpkin-carving, with a kitchen knife and three randomly carved triangles. Oh, goodness no. For $10 you get a pumpkin, a carving kit, and a free pint of Guinness, Smithwicks or Black & Tan. All of which will help you unleash the dark side of your craving to carve.

The Old Monk is an English-style pub, complete with dark wood paneling, located at 2847 Henderson Ave in Dallas. All proceeds go to the North Texas Food Bank.

5. Halloween War/Monster Brawl
Zouk is the setting for one of the biggest Halloween blowouts in all of Dallas. In fact, here’s your chance to show your costume creativity and win a bundle. And we do mean bundle.

$500 in prizes awarded for various categories including best couple, sexiest costume, and most creative. Entertainment will be provided by Benjamin Boom and DJ Turbulence. Festivities kick off at 10pm October 26th.

Zouk is located at 703 McKinney Ave, Dallas.

6. 2013 Dragon’s Halloween Ball
The “Saints and Sinners” theme of this Halloween Ball let’s you run either side of the morality gamut, depending on your mood. So dress for either salvation or sin, but whatever you do, plan to win. Costume contests include $500 to $1000 in cash prizes.

Live entertainment includes contortionists, acrobats and your dancing skills, so plan to kick up your heels and strut your stuff. Price is $36.87

W Hotel is the scene for this Ball and Bash, located at 2440 Victory Park Lane, Dallas on October 26th from 9pm to 2am. Proceeds benefit WhoSoEverWill Women’s Outreach, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, and Art Love Magic.

7. Haunted Monkey Halloween Bash
Mr. Richard Rawlings, the star of “Fast N’ Loud” is the host of this Halloween blowout being held at the Gas Monkey on October 26th. Price is $10 in advance and at the door – until 10pm. After 10pm the price will be $20.

Entertainment includes a costume contest for cash, a photo booth, and very scary smoke-covered pond. Live music will be provided by Time Machine. The Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill is located at 10261 Technology Blvd. E. in Dallas.

This is just a sampling of just some of the wild, wacky and wicked Halloween festivities taking place in Dallas this Halloween season. So get out there and get wicked. Know of any other events in the Dallas area? Share them with us in the comment section!

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  1. I sooooo miss Dallas!!! Can't wait to be back!! :)

    1. Awww... I hope you get to visit soon!

  2. I sooooo miss Dallas!!! Can't wait to be back!! :)

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