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Along with the book Choke, Jon Hall also let me borrow "Hell's Angel's" by Hunter S. Thompson. This guy had lived one crazy life and not to mention he also went out with quite a bang (really, I didn't mean for that to be a pun). Thompson wrote about how the Hell's Angels went from a California outlaw biker group to becoming a group of rapists and tyrants among the cities of America. It happened Labor Day weekend 1964, the weekend they all meet north of Big Sur to reunite and party with other members throughout the state. What happened that weekend would make them famous for being rumbling savages looking for young woman to gang bang. At least, that's how the media, the state, and law enforcement made it out to seem. Thompson is going to tell us a different story.

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  1. Hi Jenn. This made me think of a little Beatles anecdote I came across recently. I have sort of an obsession with books about the Beatles. It seems the Hell's Angels showed up at Apple Studios to hang out with George Harrison, whom they said was expecting them. (Perhaps in his wondering through San Francisco in 1967 he ran into some Angels and, in the spirit of the times, suggested they come to visit.) Regardless, one day in 1969 at Apple, they showed up. "Mr. Harrison, the Hell's Angels are here to see you!" Unfortunately they just hung out, ate, and drank a lot, which is what was usually going on at Apple when music wasn't being made.

    Somehow, everything makes me think of a Beatles tidbit. I have a problem.


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