The Pearl Cup

The Pearl Cup

1900 North Henderson Avenue
Dallas, TX 75206-7320

(214) 824-9500

Twitter: @the_pearl_cup
Facebook Group: The Pearl Cup

About the Pearl Cup
According to their website, The Pearl Cup's main focus is providing the best espresso and customer service in an environment that is welcoming and comfortable. They use a La Marzocco espresso machine and have trained their baristas to create truly hand crafted beverages – even down to the latte art. They also claim to have the most savory latte in Dallas along with the most delectable desserts.  Along with coffee and espressos they also serve  pastries and authentic Italian cookies baked especially for The Pearl Cup by local pastry chefs.

The History of The Pearl Cup
In early 2007 Carlene Saelg and Rita Davis moved to Dallas from Austin. Here in Dallas Carlene and Rita found it somewhat difficult to find the “niche,” or gathering place with the warm welcome. After a short time of searching it became apparent they would have to create that place and the sense of community they wanted. They talked about opening a coffee shop that would do things very differently from the chain coffee shops. The decision was finally made, “we are going to do it!” and they went to work learning, researching and planning. The Pearl Cup opened its doors on Valentine’s day 2009 and the rest is history.

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13 Responses to “The Pearl Cup”

  1. I personally love The Pearl Cup, not just for the espresso and cookies, which are awesome, but for the community. It's incredible how quickly The Pearl Cup became one of the de facto places for tech, designers, and entrepreneurs working remotely. You'll often find yourself sharing table space with someone either working in those industries and striking up a conversation. I wouldn't doubt if there have already been several collaborations birthed from there. I also really like The Pearl Cup's location. It's close to one of my favorite hang-outs, Barcadia, where you can play 2-foot Jenga, mentioned on my list of fun things to do in Dallas.

  2. I love the atmosphere of Pearl Cup. It's very retro meets laid-back Austin

  3. The Pearl Cup is one of my favorite coffee shops to hang out and work in Dallas. I can work there for hours and get a lot done. Not sure if it's the laid back atmosphere, like Rachel was saying, or the drive you get from all the people working around you. The Pearl Latte is what they're known for, but I stick with the traditional regular black eye. Also, try the banana and nutella (peanut butter for health nuts) panini off their menu. They also feature local artist work on the walls and 100% of the art sales goes back to the artist. That's pretty awesome.

    It can get busy on the weekends and the wifi can be spotty at times. With everything The Pearl Cup has to offer, I'm totally willing to look past that.

    1. "100% of the art sales goes back to the artist. " I didn't know that. That makes me love the place even more.

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