Catch Juvenile at Avenu Lounge

It’s been a wild couple of months at Avenu Lounge to say the least. With smash hit artists like Lil Jon, Snoop Dog, Cazzette, and Vegas Banger making their way through the club, it’s hard to imagine a dull weekend at Avenu.

Lil Jon at Avenu

This weekend is no exception. Hip Hop veteran Juvenile will be running the show Friday July, 15th and will bring his high intensity style to this popular Uptown location. Juvenile is no stranger to putting on a good show, the guy has been producing hip hop hits since he was only 19 years old. Formerly under the Atlantic Records Label and currently with Cash Money Records, Juvenile brings an energy  that is incomparable and just straight intense.


Expect the unexpected during weekend nights at this club. Whether it’s Darth Vader shooting smoke at the packed house or the gorgeous waitresses bringing sparkling bottle service to the table, you never know what you’re going to get at Avenu Lounge. Cancel your plans for Friday night cause this is something that you simply cannot miss.


Listen up Uptown, what are you waiting for? Skip that boring location that you make your way to each and every weekend. Its time to try something new and exciting! A typical night at Avenu Lounge most certainly does not match the definition of typical. I believe its time you experienced it for yourself! Come check out Juvenile this Friday at Avenu Lounge.


For reservations and bottle service visit:

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  5. [...] Catch Juvenile at Avenu Lounge [...]

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