3636 McKinney Ave Suite 170
Dallas, TX 75204

Phone: (214) 780-0373

Facebook Group: Cork Wines

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Thursday 2pm-11pm
Friday-Saturday 10am-Midnight
Sunday Noon-8pm

Located off the main drag of West Village, Cork offers a wide variety of tastings or by the bottle options for its customers.  Using a pre-loaded card, patrons can select which tastings as well as the size of the pour of over 40 different wines.  A wine bar with one of the largest retail selections in town, Cork's variety of wines to purchase by the bottle doesn't disappoint.  Flatscreen TV's with a continuous loop of the uber-cliche movie Sideways decorate the walls.  A few comfy chairs in front as well as a small room in the back are the only seating options in this decent sized venue, making it obvious that this is a wine bar where you generally take bottles to-go rather than sit an enjoy the atmosphere.

Parking: Street, Parking Lot

2 Responses to “Cork”

  1. I don't know who wrote the above but thank you! My husband and I saw the movie, "Sideways" when it came out and he thought it was fantastic. I thought it was incredibly cliched. We've been needling each other about it for years (long story) and did so again tonight. I decided to take to the web to see if anyone agreed with me and found your comment. I promptly showed it to him and got a good laugh (and not a little sense of satisfaction).
    Thank you for your good judgment. I'm a long way from Dallas but the next time I'm in town I'm gonna patronize your store!

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