Alto 211′s Unique Design Pioneers ‘Tech Mecca’ for All


Tech Wildcatters

Alto 211 encompasses all that is right with the Dallas, neh, the world. This thoughtfully designed community took an outsiders eye, by way of San Francisco developer Mike Sarimsakci of Alto Partners and Creative Designer Nile Tuzun of NILEbrand Hospitality International, and Dallas will be better for it. Beaconing startups, young professionals, artists, and business types of all kinds -- Alto 211 is holding nothing back. It only takes one step inside the doors to realize that a building which lay mute for 15 years is quiet no more.


Customizable Office Design

Home to some heavy-hitting tech names, like Launch DFWTech Wildcatters, and Fort Work, Alto 211 is so much more than that. If you are one of the lucky ones to capture a space here, there is a lot to be excited about. Free yoga twice a week, rides to the airport for half the cost of a cab in a sweet MINI Cooper, you can even take the building mascot (Jax) for a walk, and let's not forget about your choice of black or pink bike to whiz around the city (just in time for the recent installment of bike racks downtown)! What is there to look forward to? Café Izmir in Spring and a '7-11 Next Generation' to follow shortly after.


Linking the World Headquarters

So what is this building exactly? It's a place for the people, it's a haven for ideas, and a facilitator of enrichment. Alto 211 is a culmination of passionate individuals, coming together to drive forward-thinking change -- all for the greater good of humanity. So how does one company plan on changing the face of Dallas? A single building at a time. With numerous plans already underway and set to launch next year, you will surely be reading more about the exciting developments to come. So, stay tuned Dallas.


Fort Work Lounge Area

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  4. Mixing business with pleasure, "Tech Mecca" Alto 211 is a modern business center with leasable office space in the heart of Downtown Dallas.

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