7 Cities in Dallas Fort Worth Named Best Cities for Jobs in 2017

best cities in dallas fort worth texas for jobs 2017

7 Cities in the DFW metroplex were just named to a list of the top 150 cities for jobs in 2017 by the website WalletHub. Plano, TX took the second overall city just below Scottsdale, Arizona. Garland ranked highly as well at #17 on the list. Dallas came in at #21, beating out our friends in Fort Worth who took a spot near the middle of the list at #77. The list was created by comparing a lot of various factors including number of Job Opportunities per capita, Employment Growth, Unemployment Rate, Access to Internships, Number of Workers in Poverty, Median Annual Income, Working and Commuting Time, Housing Affordability, and Annual Transportation Cost among various other factors.

Plano scored high marks for "Median Annual Income" and "Most Affordable Housing". The recent boom in job availability here in the Dallas area also likely played a significant role for Plano's position as the #2 best city for job seekers. Plano has another distinction on the list as well, out of the top 20 cities WalletHub thinks will be the best places to live for job seekers only 2 are in a metropolitan area for divisional playoff NFL teams, the other city is Overland Park, Kansas which is part of the Kansas City metro area. (The Chiefs, btw, started as a Dallas football team before moving at the start of the AFL-NFL merger.)

plano tx most affordable housing 2017

The other Dallas - Fort Worth cities that made the list are:

  • Garland - #17
  • Dallas - #21
  • Grand Prairie - #26
  • Irving - #37
  • Arlington - #69
  • Fort Worth - #77

Texas represented as one of the top states job seekers should consider moving to in 2017, second only to California, with a total of 16 top cities for jobs. The states with the most cities on the list are:

  • California - 29
  • Texas - 16
  • Florida - 11
  • Arizona - 9
  • North Carolina - 6
  • Ohio - 5

Unfortunately in the short-run this probably means more traffic on every single highway, but most notably the Dallas North Tollway. In the long-run it should mean more and better paying jobs as companies continue to flock to North Texas attracted to the large and well educated labor force that lives and works here.

If you know someone thinking about moving here to Dallas from another Texas city and they aren't quite sure if it's a good idea, show them this list of Texas cities on the list, we've bolded the DFW area cities, and see where their city ranks for jobs. Looking for a job is always a stressful endeavor, but if this list is any indicator finding a job or career you love in Dallas is set to get a lot less stressful than anywhere else in the state.

Top Texas Cities for Jobs in 2017:

  • Plano - #2
  • Garland - #17
  • Dallas - #21
  • Austin - #22
  • Grand Prairie - #26
  • Amarillo - #34
  • Irving - #37
  • Lubbock - #50
  • San Antonio - #58
  • Arlington - #69
  • Fort Worth - #77
  • Corpus Christi - #85
  • Laredo - #87
  • Houston - #88
  • El Paso - #90
  • Brownsville - #128

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