An Interview with 2pointb CEO Josh Komeda – ILID Radio #15


Josh Komeda, CEO of 2pointb

In this fifteenth episode of I Live In Dallas Radio, co-hosted by myself and Jason Channell, we interview principal and CEO of 2pointb Josh Komenda and crew.

2pointb is an innovative app that offers riders quick access to nearby luxury SUVs, luxury sedans, and taxis, without the gaps in insurance, spotty background checks, and privacy protection problems common with other players in the space.

To reiterate from our last article  about 2pointb, they quietly launched in Dallas in December 2014, and have been operating smoothly even since. They chose to soft launch for a few months and get useful feedback from drivers and riders before making the big imgresannouncement with all the media outlets, which is wise in our opinion.

They have been ready and scaled up to serve most parts of Dallas, for the last couple of months, and I Live In Dallas is here to help them get the word out. Why? If you haven't noticed, we like cutting-edge startups, technology, and most of all, events and companies that help you have a greater lifestyle living in the city of Dallas. This is one of those companies.

A Radio Interview with Josh Komeda & Crew

This I Live In Dallas Radio show was recorded in mid-March in a first floor conference room in Comerica building downtown, during Dallas Startup Week.  Jason and I spoke with Josh and crew about the history of 2pointb, and what makes it different, along with other topics.

Listen as we talk about:

  • How an uncanny Twitter contest resulted in a month's worth of free rides (follow their handle for possible future contests).
  • A personal anecdote about three major ways 2pointb made me a fan for life.
  • Three major reasons why 2pointb chose Dallas as their first city to launch.
  • What the drivers think about 2pointb from first-hand knowledge (I was riding and interviewing them incognito).
  • The future of 2pointb and other verticals in-which they will be offering service such as medial, government, courier services, and food delivery.
  • How 2pointb is promoting from a grassroots perspective via bloggers, in-person, events, social media, and traditional media.
  • Best/fun driver stories and why some get into driving for 2pointb.

In the second half of the program, listen as we discuss:

  • 2pointb's polices when it comes to  data and security.
  • The core values of 2pointb and what makes them different than the rest.
  • How 2pointb deals with surge pricing for peak times (they don't use it currently).
  • How 2pointb attracts and retains drivers.


As a special treat, we want to let our readers know how they can get a first ride free on 2pointb. Just download the app on  iPhone or Android and use promo code: ILIVE

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