New App 2pointb Chooses Dallas as First Market to Launch More Trustworthy Real-Time Rides


San Diego-based technology startup 2pointb chose Dallas as the first city to launch their innovative app that offers riders quick access to nearby luxury SUVs, luxury sedans, and taxis, without the gaps in insurance, spotty background checks, and privacy protection problems common with other players in the space.

They quietly launched in Dallas in December 2014, and have been operating smoothly all the while quickly ramping up partnerships, navigating logistical efficiencies, and building an iron-clad infrastructure. They chose to soft launch for a few months and get useful feedback from drivers and riders before shouting their existence from all four corners of the city via local media outlets, which is wise in our opinion.

They are now ready for mass public consumption by the wonderful people in the city of Dallas. I Live In Dallas is here to help them. Why? If you haven't noticed, we like cutting-edge startups, technology, and most of all, events and companies that help you have a greater lifestyle living in the city of Dallas. This is one of those companies.

Before we get too deep, we want to let our readers know how they can get a first ride FREE on 2pointb. Download the app at the Apple App Store, and for Google Play for Android, and use the promo code ILIVE.

Get Your 1st 2pointb Ride FREE! Promo Code: ILIVE (Download: iPhone Android)

Despite development in California and funding in Arizona, 2pointb chose Dallas as their first market for launch for a number of reasons, which we will cover more in-depth during an audio podcast to air next week.


Yours Truly in the back of a 2pointb Lincoln.

In the podcast, we had the pleasure of interviewing principal and CEO of 2pointb Josh Komenda and crew during Dallas Startup Week. You can subscribe to our iTunes broadcast for immediate notification of when this episode goes live, or subscribe to our email list where we send our best articles and podcasts directly to your inbox.

If you have been following ILiveInDallas on Twitter, or my personal Twitter handle, over the last month and a half, you've seen some of our real-time tweets and...<cough>... selfies (see right) while riding in 2pointb black SUVs, sedans, cabs, and Lincoln Town cars. We have had the luxury of using the 2pointb's services for a month and a half.

The use of these services was not because we're known in the Dallas blogging space. We just happened to win a contest with the help of I Live In Dallas Radio podcast producer/co-host, and frequent tweeter, Jason Channell (@EL_Fenix).

Our status online was an unknown factor by the social manager of 2pointb's Twitter handle when the three lucky winners were chosen. It was only after the first month of taking "incognito" rides daily did we draw attention to that fact and told 2pointb we'd like to help get the word out.

Let's just say they passed the test with flying colors., we can unequivocally say endorses 2pointb's service wholeheartedly.

Get Your 1st 2pointb Ride FREE! Promo Code: ILIVE (Download: iPhone | Android)

Since using another service almost exclusively for over a year, I can really tell the difference in the drivers they choose. Come to find out, that's one way 2pointb differentiates itself - the quality of drivers in their network.  I was extremely delighted at how deep their infrastructure was, with drivers all over Dallas. Even in the burbs, I was able to ping and get picked up in a timely manner.

What Makes 2pointb Different According Us?

From our experience, we noticed: 1) They don't have surge pricing. 2) It's easier to text the driver than the others (very helpful) 3) The drivers just seem more professional and accommodating. In short, their drivers are on-time, professional, and courteous. We came to find out in the aforementioned interview and upcoming podcast, 2pointb puts a lot of efforts into making sure their drivers are squeaky clean and have the proper commercial liability insurance.

We caught up with principal and CEO of 2pointb Josh Komenda and crew last week at Dallas Startup Week. At DSW, we recorded a full podcast for I Live In Dallas Radio. As I mentioned, this podcast will be aired next week.

This article is just a little primer for the pump, because not everyone listens to podcasts. Some prefer to read, while others prefer to only communicate and receive their media in memes and emoticons. I digress.

What Makes 2pointb Different According to 2pointb?

So what makes 2pointb different that other real time app rides in Dallas? You know which ones I'm talking about.

I'll let Mr. Komenda explain.

"Drivers are screened with multiple levels of background checks, and 2pointb partners are fully transparent with their processes and records. They work closely with local regulators to ensure the highest standards of safety. Other companies tout a comprehensive practice, but resist any oversight and lack transparency. Some companies that claim to have a rigorous process still have documented instances in the media of drivers that have been convicted of violent felonies or DUIs.

Komenda further expounded,

"In addition, each driver in the 2pointb system is required to carry commercial liability insurance, which ensures that drivers and passengers are completely covered in the event of any incident and gives riders peace of mind."

When probed for details on "oversight and lack transparency" in the industry, he further elaborated,

“As countless alarming stories tied to current players on the market continue to emerge, describing irresponsible drivers, assaults, the consequences of inadequate insurance, and in many cases, unfair business practices, 2pointb will recapture lost trust by proving ourselves as an ethical company that believes in straightforward pricing, ease of use, reliability, and safety. By implementing responsible practices that benefit both the rider and the driver, we guarantee a safe and enjoyable trip for our riders, superior to other options out there.”

With an extensive background in computer engineering, product development, and business, Komenda comes across as a transportation futurist. He is an impressive guy with some incredible credentials and a solid track record of success.

Before starting 2pointb, Komenda co-founded GoFastCab, the first fully automated national taxicab booking system for customers in the United States. He sold the business in 2013 to Arizona-based Total Transit, a major transportation company that funded 2pointb in a separate investment.

Watch for the upcoming article with podcast next week for a full download on 2pointb. In the mean time, download the 2pointb app for iPhone Android, and get your first ride FREE, using the code ILIVE (in all caps).

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