Free Beer on Saturday! | Rahr Brewery Tour & Tasting

No kidding. Every Saturday from 1:00-3:00pm the Rahr Brewery celebrates (really, it's like a mini Oktoberfest) their brewery tour with style - music, drinking, and food.

And by free beer, Rahr means beers, plural. Try any three beers they have on tap that day and hang out with the good people of Fort Worth.

You don't need a reservation, but call early in the week to make sure they don't have a special event that Saturday. The bartender over at The Porch told me about it and their group had rented out the whole place for the day.

If you go during the summer, wear something cool because it is hot and they keep the doors open.

The place is packed with sweaty people who like to drink. Sounds like a fine place to be if you land yourself in Fort Worth for the weekend.

Rahr&Sons Brewing Company
701 Galveston Avenue
Fort Worth, TX  76104
Phone: 817.810.9266

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12 Responses to “Free Beer on Saturday! | Rahr Brewery Tour & Tasting”

  1. [...] make it before 3pm, Rahr Brewery is not too far away - and sticking with the theme - they have a free brewery tour and tasting every Saturday from [...]

  2. Free beer! Looks good to me. And it's now October and it means beer fest!

  3. Indeed true.

  4. Free Beer.. ! :D

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  10. Rahr means beers, plural. Try any three beers they have on tap that day and hang out with the good people of Fort Worth

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