10 Best Free WiFi Spots in Dallas

You have it right here: the 10 best free wifi spots in Dallas, TX.

10. Freebirds 5500 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX‎ | ph 214.265.9992‎. Relax and browse the web over the best burrito in North Texas. The food is cheap and the staff are friendly. Seating is available inside and out.

9. Bar Belmont 901 Fort Worth Ave, Dallas, TX 75208 | ph 214.393.2300. When the weather is nice drive over the hills to Oak Cliff and to the historic property of the Belmont Hotel. Order yourself a belmontini and sit out on the terrace to enjoy the best view of Downtown Dallas.

Belmont Barthe belmont hotel dallas - bar patio originally uploaded by rachelgoldstar

8. Tempest Tea 5600 W Lovers Ln # 111, Dallas, TX 75209 | ph 214. 351.4832. Modern, chic and offering 75 varieties of loose-leaf and bagged teas.

From their website: Effective February 16, 2009 our retail location at 5600 W Lovers Lane is closed.  We thank you for 5 great years at the Pavilion and look forward to serving you again soon at our new location. (to be announced soon)  Until then, please continue to shop our website for all of your tea needs and thank you again for your continued patronage.

7. The Ginger Man 2718 Boll St, Dallas, TX 75204 | ph 214.754.8771. With happy hours everyday of the week and the jukebox finally getting better, the GMan is a great place to "work" after work. The overlapping trees outside really give you an earthy, summertime feel, and the upstairs lounge makes you feel like you're sitting in your bachelor Uncle's den.

Gingerman DallasBack Yard at The Gingerman originally uploaded by bigluketx

6. Urban Market and Cafe 1500 Jackson St. Dallas TX 75201 | ph 214.741.3663. It's a 3-in-1 experience: cafe, free wifi and grocery store. Parking in the garage is free for 2-hours with validation.

5. Buzzbrews 4154 N Central Expy, Dallas, TX 75204 | ph 214.826.7100. Cozy, eclectic and bottomless coffee. Nothing better.

4. Crooked Tree 2414 Routh Street, Dallas, TX 75201 | ph 214.953.1142. This place has received rave reviews in Yelp, DMagazine, and Pegasus News. With rave reviews (and some word of mouth) this place can also get very busy after 6pm. When you first walk in, find a seat, then get your coffee. The cozy little place in Uptown is the "quintessential Indie coffee house."

Crooked Tree Coffeehousehttp://www.crookedtreecoffeehouse.com/

3. Opening Bell 1409 S. Lamar Suite #012 (Basement #012), Dallas, Texas 75215 | ph 214.565.0383. Surround yourself with art and music while sipping on your favorite drink and plugging in. The good music, comfortable couches and the stock market inspired atmosphere makes this place my #3 choice for the best free wifi spot in Dallas.

Opening Bell, Dallas, TXOpening Bell, Dallas, TX originally uploaded by jannconley

2. Dubliner 2818 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206 | ph 214.818.0911. For some late night working on a weekday I head over to Dubliner for the beer and social scene. What I like best is the place is non-smoking, so you can surf and drink for hours without reeking of smoke the next morning. The dark atmosphere helps make the screen easier to see (and I have heard it's better for your eyes.)

1. Dallas Public Library - Live it up in the library with thousands of books and resources at your disposal, plenty of outlets, and stay as long as you want without having to purchase anything. Membership is free and required to browse. 1515 Young Street, Dallas, TX 75201 | ph 214.670.1727

FYI, most places you will have to ask what the network and password is.

Did your favorite wifi spot make the list? If not, where is your favorite place to go?

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31 Responses to “10 Best Free WiFi Spots in Dallas”

  1. wow I've got 2 check out a couple of these places, thanks 4 the tip

  2. another great place that just opened is The Pearl Cup on N. Henderson (across from Cafe San Miguel, next to the Slip Inn). Austin trendy, good coffee, eclectic crowd. http://www.thepearlcup.com

    1. why cant it just be "Dallas, trendy, good coffee, eclectic crowd". Its always Austin, Austin, Austin. Just like Marsha, Marsha, MARSHA!!!!

  3. Eventually I'll get around to another free wi-fi post. Until then, if you're in the Uptown area, Vino100 has free wifi and good/inexpensive wine. 2909 McKinney Ave. Suite A, 75204 (next to the citydoc that offers botox? weird.) http://vino100dallas.com

  4. There's also FREE WiFi at Fox n Hound locations as well. There's a Fox n Hound at Campbell Road and Hwy 75 on the north west corner behind the McDonald's that I use all the time. I haven't been to the ones you've mentioned here yet, but that's only because I live further north of the Dallas area.

  5. Although nothing special, pretty much every McDonalds has free wifi these days.

    My personal favorite for free wifi and a great environment for daytime work is Javalato in Preston Center (SE corner of NW Hwy & Preston). WiFi is free with purchase of any food or beverage.

  6. Oh my gosh, thanks so much for writing this! I hate it when I'm in Dallas and I can't find a spot to get wifi. Starbucks isn't free anymore and it drives me crazy. Javalato used to be my wifi hangout but since they closed I've been aimlessly searching for a new spot.

    1. Heya Kat!
      I realize how old this post is, but still, juuuuuust in case you still can't find a Starbucks with free wifi...the one at Preston & NW Highway, "Berkshire Court" Starbucks - definitely know it's always free. During week days it's slightly crowded with business meetings and such until about 3:30, weekends not so much. Evenings are fairly quiet.
      There's great squishy chairs and plenty of outlets, or those little two-person tables throughout the store, as well as a big table if you need to spread out a bit. I sometimes come back after work to get homework done and/or play World of Warcraft. I think the only time anyone "paid" for wifi was with a massive tip, the guy claimed he was "paying for rent" since he was there every day haha.

      Plus there's a Sprinkles Cupcake ATM nearby...so...there's that too. ;)

  7. Really cool list, Jennifer. I love me some Buzzbrews. Too bad the library doesn't serve egg sandwiches, or beer.

  8. If you live in the Lakewood area and don't mind subtle distractions, Whole Foods is a great place to do work. They have free and fast WiFi, not to mention good coffee, good food and you can purchase beer and wine by the glass to consume on premise. And when you need a little break, you can stroll the store and enjoy free cheese, wine and all sorts of samples. I'm actually working from here right now!

  9. Although, I don't think they should be on your top 10 list, several of the Cafe Brazil restaurants have WiFi as well.


  10. Another FREE Wi-Fi place is The Highlands Cafe in Lake Highlands at the corner of Walnut Hill and Audelia. Open Mon - Friday
    11-2:20pm and 5:00 pm to 9 pm. Saturday's open 11 am to 9 pm.
    Closed Sunday's. Great locally owned neighborhood cafe.
    Try it you'll like it.

    1. I will! Thanks for all the great wi-fi comments, Dallas. I'm working on another list and will be incorporating in your recommendations (credit due to you, of course!)

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  12. There is a place in Allen called Escape. Good coffee, donuts, etc. The best part is they have an area with a huge workspace and pimp leather executive chairs! I lived in that place for a year or so. (Slept in the bathroom at night) ;)

    1. Very good information about free wifi locations. I have found lots of free wifi locations throughout Dallas, Texas, United States.

      Check it :- http://freewifiwiki.net/index.php?title=Texas.

  13. Starbuck's wifi, while no longer free, does still route to all Apple domains. So, if you're doing a software update or browsing http://developer.apple.com, for instance, you can use Starbuck's wifi for free.

  14. great post :) ill check these out next time im in dallas

  15. A bunch of free WiFi locations can be found at http://www.dfwfreenet.org DFWFreeNet is a community wireless project in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area with the mission of providing free Internet access across the DFW metroplex. If you're looking for a free WiFi hotspot or are a business owner interested in offering free WiFi, contact the DFWFreeNet group for more information.

  16. Mokah Coffee Bar in Deep Ellum has free wi-fi, great coffee, an art gallery, acoustic lounge, and 1100 capacity music venue. mokahcoffeebar.com, liveatmokah.com.

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  19. Good Post... There is a place in Lewisville called Daddy-O's Pub that has Free WiFi.

  20. White Rock Coffee on Northwest Highway is great, but they sure crank the A/C! Wear your parka if you're like me and work remotely from various locations.

  21. Actually, I found the wifi at Cafe Express pretty reliable...and the multiple trips to the olive bar are a big plus for me

  22. Along with a myriad of awesome Starbucks stores, there's also a place called Top Pot Doughnuts that opened recently off of Hillcrest Road and NW Highway. Free wifi and the doughnuts are INCREDIBLE. Plus the coffee and espresso drinks are good too. They have a patio and it's very bright and clean inside, lots of glass and what have you, with one little row of books and merch to add a little cozy factor to the otherwise modern interior. Definitely recommend trying it out :)
    I've obviously been there too many times and will probably be going again this morning...

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  24. Its very helpfull thanks! I lived a month in Dallas and need to know many new places here.

  25. Oh my gosh, thanks so much for writing this! I hate it when I'm in Dallas and I can't find a spot to get wifi. Starbucks isn't free anymore and it drives me crazy. Javalato used to be my wifi hangout but since they closed I've been aimlessly searching for a new spot.

  26. wow I've got 2 check out a couple of these places, thanks 4 the tip

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